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Champlin ElectricianWhen buying a Champlin, MN home, wouldn’t it be nice to know if it has any defects or safety hazards?  Things of importance to look for include the presence of Aluminum wiring, proper GFCI & Smoke/C0 protection, proper grounding or the possibility of water leaking into service parts. The two of these that are most critical, dangerous and expensive are the Aluminum wiring and water leaking into the main service.

If you are just moving into a home you purchased, there are some things you can do to be sure your new homes electrical system is safe. As your licensed Champlin, MN electrical contractor, we highly recommend that you have a licensed Champlin electrician from HomePro Electric perform a Home Safety Inspection. Having this done gives you an over-all picture of your electrical systems condition.  And, by having the proper updates completed, you and your family will have peace-of-mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

If you are experiencing any weird things such as flickering lights or intermittent power problems in your new home, we highly recommend that all the devices be replaced. This would be all the switches and receptacles. The reason for this is most electrical problems occur when termination points become loose or corroded. By having the devices professionally replaced by your Champlin, MN electrical contractor, you can prevent any major problems before they occur.

The other item to consider changing is light fixtures. The reason for replacing light fixtures is that the fixture wires tend to get very brittle. This occurs gradually over time by exposure to the heat emitted from the light bulbs.  If the bulbs used in them over the years were of an improper wattage, this can exaggerate the situation and in many cases this will cause the insulation on your homes internal wiring to become brittle and fall off, exposing the bare wire.

By having a Champlin, MN electrician check your home for potential electrical issues and correct the problems, you and your family can rest easy, knowing that you’ve prevented potential electrical problems and damage before they’ve occurred.  Also, all the work done by your Champlin electrician from HomePro Electric is backed by a 5 year warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  So call (612) 564-4250 now or schedule online and save $20

Minneapolis, MN – Customer Comment

I found the Technician Brent to be Prompt, Courteous, very Knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely call HomePro Electric for all of my future electrical needs. Also the young lady setting the appointment was a real pleasure to deal with. Count on my business going forward…thank you and have a wonderful day!

Joyce T.
Chicago Avenue – Minneapolis


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